Sunday, October 20, 2013

coffeeneuring #3

Guest Coffeeneuring Blog Post Questions, prompted by Chasing Mailboxes.
1) Where do you live?
Seattle, Washington, on the south slope of Queen Anne.

I cannot ride up the hill to where I live (just above Aloha street), in case you were wondering. Twice, I've ridden up the north slope on 3rd west. Both times, it took everything out of me. The second time, I got passed by a jogger.
2) How did you decide to coffeeneur?
I saw it posted by the Seattle Bike Blog, and thought it would be a great thing to do to combine activities I already do and love. 
3) What bike are you using as your coffeeneuring bike? What makes it a good coffeeneuring bike?

My coffeeneuring bike is my only bike. It's a Kona Hoo-Ha that people who know about bikes give me lots of compliments on. That's a good sign, I suppose. I bought it at Recycled Cycles in May, and I love it. The poor thing tried to kill me a few times, but we're over it. I think. Like its human, my bike is a feminist machine.

4) Where did you choose to coffeeneur for this coffeeneuring trip?

I went to Great Harvest Bread Company in Lake Forest Park, Washington.

5) Is the coffee shop beautiful and the coffee delicious? Tell us a little about your coffeeneuring locale.

It's more of a bakery than a coffee shop--my coffee was drip, out of one of those press-down carafes. It was pretty good for something like that! Some of my coffeeneuring trips are for the coffee, and some are for the ride. I really didn't plan on going here, I just took the Burke-Gilman from Seattle to the West Sammamish River Trail until I got to the Redmond library, and then over to the transit hub (approx. 30 miles from my home, see map here), and stopped when I got hungry and there were businesses around. I got lucky and ran into the Lake Forest Park farmer's market, where I ate some samples, and bought a salted caramel macaron and an amazing pink lady apple.

6) What other types of riding do you do besides coffeeneuring?
Almost all of my riding is commuting. It makes me like my day a whole lot more, and feel better about having to be stuck sitting still for most of the time that I'm at my destination. Over the summer, I did a bunch of fun, casual rides with friends. Now that school's in session, it's harder to find time.
7) What else did I forget to ask you that you want to share?
I coffeeneur in jeans. Usually. This time, I wore padded shorts, and threw on a pair of cotton H&M tights over the shorts--it worked perfectly!

I also got my first and second flat tires this week. Here's what happened for the first one. When I replaced the tube (on my own, thank you, internet), I messed up and put the tube back on the rim, not into the tire, so the tube folded over on itself. Two and a half days of commuting later, I got a pop/hiss flat, which I later patched, and it has been holding up well.