Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coffeeneuring #4

I write this with sore knees and a sense of mental & physical burnout. It's been a hectic two weeks. Last week's 30-mile coffeeneuring outing was the only free day I had had in weeks, and I needed to burn off a lot of energy and see lots of pretty things. This weekend, I didn't have a free day, so I decided to build coffeeneuring into my grading and writing flow. Writing this blog post is one also built in there somewhere.

I gave the pre-concert talk for this weekend's Seattle Symphony concerts, so I've been busy there. I showed up to the first one with helmet hair, then got smart and didn't ride my bike on Saturday. Today (Sunday), I rode very slowly, and only from home. I was determined to go coffeeneuring afterwards, despite this terrible knee pain I've been having lately. I think I pushed it too much last week, speeding up and down Eastlake/Fairview between UW and downtown so many times in addition to my normal commute. I've also been playing with seat height, but it hasn't seemed to make anything better. Maybe I'll pop into the shop and ask for advice. If I have time.

Today's trip included a stop at Benaroya Hall for the pre-concert talk, then it took me to 15th on Capitol Hill. Even though it wasn't the best route, I opted to try the Broadway cycle track from Pine through its northern end at Denny. I like cycle tracks. We should have them everywhere. I headed over on Thomas to 15th, and had to walk from 12th. I didn't have the energy to sweat up the hill.

Coffeeneuring details:

The Bagel Deli on Capitol Hill (best bagels in Seattle, fwiw)
Drip coffee
Everything bagel with scrambled egg, cheese, and tomato
My route
My tweet

They played The Velvet Underground and other Lou Reed solo stuff the whole two hours I was there. When I was leaving and I bought some bagels to go, I expressed my appreciation to the cashier, who told me they started the marathon before they knew he died. Eerie.

I went back home the slightly long but very scenic and pretty flat way, through Interlaken Park, across the Burke-Gilman to Fremont and down Westlake. I take Dexter usually twice daily if I'm just going between home and school, but I wasn't in the mood for the hill. I'm so in support of a Westlake cycle track--it's nerve-wracking that the entire route is an active parking lot. I'm still pretty new to biking, and already strangely comfortable riding with cars. But there's no reason why we can't have a more connected infrastructure system for bikes. As this city or any city gets denser, it becomes more difficult to get around by car. Why not encourage people to leave a negligible footprint, save a ton of money, and get some exercise on their journeys across town?