Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coffeeneuring, trip 1

This long-silent music/academia blog might be morphing into a bike blog. It will for the next seven weeks, and we'll see what happens later.

Coffeeneuring is the next big thing for figuring-it-all-out cyclists like me, especially those of us (me again) who live in the coffee capital of north America.

I got back from an awesome weekend in Vancouver, which meant spending most of today on a Greyhound bus. I got back and needed to move, so searched for a coffee shop open past 6 on a Sunday. Found one in Belltown just over a mile from me, and decided to take a nice sweep through the Elliott Bay Trail before landing there. I ended up in Magnolia, and decided to forget about Belltown. There's pretty much nothing commercial in Magnolia, so I ended up at Starbucks in Magnolia Center. I ordered a grande passion iced tea (unsweetened, duh), and caught up on email. Here's the route I took, here's twitter proof, and here's photographic proof.
33rd & W McGraw