Saturday, November 16, 2013

Coffeeneuring trip #7 and wrap-up

I can't believe this is my final report for the Third Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge. I've really enjoyed participating in it, and using it to explore my city and to challenge myself to go places by bike.

Here's a recap of my first six trips:

  • Trip 1, 10/6
    • Location: Starbucks in Magnolia
    • 9.32 miles
    • Grande Passion iced tea

  • Trip 2, 10/13
    • Location: CaffĂ© Umbria, Pioneer Square
    • 6.37 miles
    • Soy latte

  • Trip 3, 10/20
    • Location: Great Harvest Bread Company, Lake Forest Park (my first out-of-city coffeeneuring trip!)
    • 30.87 miles
    • Drip coffee, some sort of delicious savory pastry

  • Trip 4, 10/27
    • Location: The Bagel Deli, Capitol Hill
    • 12.14 miles
    • Drip coffee, an everything bagel with scrambled egg, cheese, and tomato (and a half-dozen to go!)

  • Trip 5, 11/3
    • Location: Mighty-O Donuts, Tangletown/Green Lake (if you don't consider Tangletown a real thing)
    • 10.5 miles
    • Drip coffee, pumpkin spice & french toast doughnuts (organic, vegan, non-GMO)

  • Trip 6, 11/9
    • Location: Empire Espresso, Columbia City
    • 14.89 miles
    • Soy cayenne mocha, sweet potato bar

  • Trip 7, today, 11/16!
    • Location: Neptune Coffee, Greenwood
    • 22.49 miles (all in jeans & boat shoes, might I add) This brings the coffeeneuring total mileage to 106.58.
    • Some sort of fancy pour-over coffee that was tasty but a bit cold, and an egg & cheese breakfast sandwich (at around 2pm)

It was too loud and crowded to be productive, so I thought about going to the Greenwood library, but I ended up heading north on the Interurban trail, and wound up in Shoreline (no longer Seattle, in case you're keeping score). It was going to start getting dark soon, so I decided to head back down toward home, stopping at the Broadview library to cross it off my self-guided "visit all SPL branch libraries" challenge, and pick up a novel. When's the last time I read a novel? Summer. Maybe it hasn't been all that long. There's a few spots on the Interurban where it's actually a trail and there's these flipbook art installations. It's hard to see, but each sign is roughly the same image, but moving toward something different. Public art like this is a reason to love Seattle. 

One of the installations
As I was heading home, it was getting dark, and I knew the ride would be mostly flat and downhill. I started without anything warm on--just jeans and a relatively thin cardigan. Piece by piece, I ended up in gloves, a hat, and a scarf. I never ended up needing my zip-up hoodie, though!
A tired coffeeneur
Coffeeneuring has been a whole lot of fun. To be honest, I had hoped it would be a community-building experience. It probably could have been, but I've been way too busy these last few months to make it happen. Many of my coffeeneuring trips were done before or after work, so I was fairly limited in availability. I'm just glad to have used it to drink good coffee and have an excuse to go to different places. Thank you for organizing this challenge, Mary!