Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My first errandonnée

I realize I need to change the name of this blog to something much more general, but I don't have the creative brainpower to do so. For now, bear with me.

I enjoyed coffeeneuring enough to get hooked on the accessible bike challenge genre. The errandonnée hosted by Chasing Mailboxes has a ton of rules, too, and lets several errands be completed in a single trip, as long as the total mileage is over 30 for the challenge. Here's how I completed it:

Day 1 3/7/14, total day's mileage=15.76

Errand #1
Category: work
Mileage: 4.84

  • Many vehicle operators of the car and motorcycle variety run red lights at the 6-way intersection just south of the Fremont bridge. I also get honked at if I refuse to run the red light, but I stand my ground, feeling vulnerable on my road bike.
  • I learned how to use this bizarre type of bike rack outside one of the libraries, under an overhang.

Errand #2
Category: bike shop (hoping the co-op counts)
Mileage: 10.9ish
  • Added cages & straps to my pedals, and learned how difficult it is to ride that way after only ever using flat pedals. Also learned how to change brake pads.
  • The Elliott Bay Trail is gorgeous at dusk on a mostly clear day
  • Bonus picture from the trip between UW and The Bikery. Seattle hills! 

Day 2, 3/8/14, 3.97 miles route 

Errand #3
Category: work (though a different work, so I'm comfortable using the work category twice so soon)
Mileage: 1.84
Observation/lesson: There's a lot of construction going on in my neighborhood, and it makes it harder to bike around.

Errand #4, QFC
Category: grocery store
Mileage: 1.47
Observation/lesson: QFC didn't have Cadbury creme eggs, which was a bummer, though good for my health/wallet. Also, I like to take pictures of my bike (even if they come out blurry). It's pretty.

Errand #5, the FedEx store
Category: store other than grocery store
Mileage: .66
Observation/lesson: If I can figure out how to get my left foot into the cage after pushing out, the cage/strap setup will work really well. The security of the cages is great, and helps for going uphill, even if it's just that my feet don't lift off the pedals all the time.

Day 3, 3/9/14

Errand #6, Pho Bac
Category: Breakfast or lunch
Mileage: 1.87
Observation/lesson: All veggie pho is magical.

Errand #7, Lake Union Park
Category: Personal Care & Health (because meditation counts!)
Mileage: 2.56
Observation/lesson: Sitting at the edge of a dock, leaning up against one's bike, and staring at a large body of water is quite wonderful.

Errand #8, Mighty-O Donuts
Category: Dessert or coffee (technically, this could have also been lunch, since donuts were my lunch--don't tell any real adults)
Mileage: from school/work, and I didn't count the to-campus mileage for this day since I had already used up the work category: 2.14
Observation/lesson: As soon as I change into pants appropriate for riding in the rain, the sun will come out. Also, it's better to ride in the sun with rain clothing than for it to constantly rain.

Errand #9, Seattle Public Library, University Branch
Category: Library!
Mileage: .91
Observation/lesson: The cherry blossoms are blooming! See how pretty they are outside the library?

Errand #10, Steelband rehearsal
Category: Community meeting
Mileage: 6.28
Observation/lesson: Playing pan, like riding a bike, is more fun when it becomes a fluid, physical motion, rather than a mental exercise.

Errand #11, the unnamed drive-thru espresso stand just south of the Fremont bridge that I pass all the time
Category: Breakfast or lunch
Mileage: 2.02
Lesson/observation: They have yummy breakfast burritos, and are very friendly.

(I actually put the burrito in my bag, and rode over to Gas Works park, and ate it there. Isn't spring the best?)

Errand #12, Lush
Category: Any store other than a grocery store
Mileage: 9.04
Lesson/observation: I learned a lot about hair and skin care and products. I could spend hundreds of dollars in that store.

Total errandonnée miles: 44.55

Woo! The funny thing about this challenge is that I would have done all of these things had there not been a challenge. It's an odd feeling logging and photographing "normal" life. Odd, in a cool way.